Articles on where to find software as well as what you can download

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Google Applications

Articles relating to Google Apps for students

Course Evaluations and Surveys

Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys, (also called EvaluationKit), is primarily used to survey students about their courses and instructors.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a student-response system. It is a great solution for formative assessments and to improve student engagement in class.

It provides instructors with a platform to post questions from the web, in a presentation, or in Canvas. Students can respond and instructors can view results in real time. Rosters and grades can be linked to Canvas.

Instructors should Request Poll Everywhere Instructor Account through the service portal. With a Poll Everywhere license, instructors can receive up to 1,500 responses per poll question.

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Commonly requested software installation and their EULA agreements

EULA Agreements from software vendors that we commonly install on university systems.

How do I activate HFSS solver license for ANSYS Electronics

Instructions on how to configure the Ansys license to check out HFSS solver license requests when running Ansys Electronics

How do I install software through Software Center (SCCM)?

Obtaining software through the Software Center

How do I purchase Adobe?

Instructions on how to purchase Adobe

How to get your Adobe Acrobat Pro license after purchase from CDWG

This article provides step by step instructions on how to gain access to your recently purchased Adobe Acrobat Pro license through CDWG

Operating Systems End-of-Life List

This is an overview of Operating Systems for which we have registered a product life cycle giving you a clear view of upcoming End-of-Life (EOL) dates and extended support periods, when available.

How do I install Office 365 on my device?

How to install Office 365 onto your device

How do I sign into DocuSign?

Article explaining how to sign into DocuSign

Supported Web Browsers

To support the security measures to keep your data safe, we require the use of a modern browser. As new versions of browsers are released, we will deprecate support for older versions.