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Knowledge base articles to help employees

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Articles related to employee account management

Employee Email

Articles related to email, mailing lists, shared mailboxes and distribution groups

Software and Applications

Articles on where to find software as well as what you can download

Computing Environments

Articles related to virtual, on-premises, or cloud environments for application-hosting, teaching, or research. Includes Amazon Web Services (AWS) AppStream, High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters AI.Panther and Blueshark, and Code01.

Networks and Connectivity

Articles related to our network and shares

Classroom Technology

Articles related to technology in the classroom


Articles related to the phone systems and Jabber

Printing, Scanning, and Faxing

Articles related to printers, scanning, and faxing


Articles related to Workday

IT Security

Articles related to Duo Two-Factor and Cybersecurity.


Articles related to web pages, websites, databases, and CMS (TerminalFour - T4) pages.

File Shares & Storage

All services related to storing documents and files on various platforms