How to get your Adobe Acrobat Pro license after purchase from CDWG

After placing your order through CDWG,  Please follow these steps to gain access to your Adobe license and software download. 

Please note that since Adobe orders take a few days to process, the steps below may not work until Adobe fully processes the order and assigns the license on the back end. 

CLP License Download steps. 

To login to the Licensing Website:
1. Visit the Licensing Web Site -
2. Use the login (Customer’s Email address, from order) 
3. Then click on Forgot Password or Create New Password or use password on

To get the Serial Number:
1. Move cursor to the Licenses tab
2. Choose Retrieve Serial Number
3. Then highlight End User ID and select correct ID
4. Click on Search
5. Filter the results by product name 

To download any of your purchases:
1. Move cursor to the Licenses tab
2. Choose Download Software
3. Then choose the End User/Deploy To ID
4. Then Click on View All
5. Filter the results by product name

If you encounter any issues, please call post sales customer care at 800-443-8158

To download your software:

1. Visit the Licensing Web Site -
2. Enter email address and password
3. Click Download Software on the left side of the screen
4. Select the correct deploy to address and product
5. Download 

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