How do I activate HFSS solver license for ANSYS Electronics

When running HFSS in Ansys Electronics you received the following error:

Failed to enable feature using current license settings. Note that Pro. Premium, Enterprise licenses are available on your server. To use these licenses check the corresponding Ul option. For more information, search for "PPE" in the help documentation. Failover feature 'HFSS solver' is not available. Request name hfss solve does not exist in the license pool. No such feature exists. Feature hfss solver License path: 1055@LICENSESERV.FIT.EDU: FlexNet Licensing error: 5. 

How to set Ansys EM license configuration:

Versions older than 2020 are no longer supported.

You may need to do this with versions 2020 and newer:

  1. Start the Ansys EM  software.
  2. Select the following menus: Tools > Options > General Options
  3. Select Desktop Configuration under General
  4. Check the box for "Use Electronics Pro, Premium, Enterprise product licensing" and select OK
  5. Close Ansys EM software

When the Ansys EM software is opened next, it should work without errors.

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