SharePoint Site Creation


Sharepoint is part of Microsoft's Office365 application suite. Sharepoint provides secure file storage and web pages accessible through a browser. Site owners can set permissions to restrict or allow others access to content. All Florida Tech staff, faculty, and students have access to Office365 via their TRACKS account.  When signing in, use  After signing in, look for the Sharepoint icon on the left.

  1. Go to Sharepoint Online
  2. Enter your Florida Tech email address
  3. Select Work or school account
  4. Sign in with your TRACKS account userID and password
  5. Click + Create site on the SharePoint start page in the upper Left corner
  6. Select whether you'd like to create a Team site or a Communication site
  7. Enter the title (and a description, if you want) for the site
  8. Click Next
  9. Enter the email address to add owners and members
  10. Click Finish

Microsoft Sharepoint Online Training Resources:

Microsoft Sharepoint Create a Site 

Microsoft Get Started with SharePoint

What to Expect

Click the appropriate SharePoint button located on this page to initiate your request.

To request access to an existing Sharepoint site, please contact the site owner.  

Submit a request for assistance with permission problems if the site owner is unable to grant access.

Once the request has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with your ticket number, including a link to view the status of your request.

Next Steps

Keep track of updates to your ticket and engage with IT technician(s) through the confirmation email notification or the Ticket Requests section.


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SharePoint Site Creation
If you need a SharePoint Site created for your department, please enter a service request
SharePoint Troubleshooting
To request access to an existing SharePoint Site, please contact the Site Owner.