Change Shared Mailbox/Calendar or Distribution Group Membership


Florida Tech distribution groups and shared mailboxes/calendars are used for communication across campus.

This service should be used if a user needs to be added or removed from an existing distribution group or shared mailbox/calendar.  It can also be used to change the access level of a user to a specific shared mailbox/calendar.


This service is available for current faculty and staff.  The request must be made by either the intended user's manager or supervisor, or someone that is already a member of the desired group or mailbox.

What to Expect

Select the Submit Request button located on this page to initiate your request.  

Once the request has been submitted by the appropriate person, they will receive a confirmation email with the ticket number, including a link to view the status of the request.

Next Steps

Keep track of updates to the ticket and engage with IT technician(s) through the confirmation email notification or the Ticket Requests section.


Submit Request

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