Technology Enhancement Program


The Office of Information Technology is actively refreshing Florida Tech-owned computer assets as part of our ongoing commitment to providing cutting-edge resources for our dedicated staff and esteemed faculty.

Search the Computer Refresh List

The first step is to search the Computer Refresh List.  We STRONGLY ADVISE that you DO NOT submit a ticket without searching the list first! 

Please be patient with our staff.  The list contains ~2600 computers, and every computer asset on the list has been scheduled at the appropriate refresh cycle time.

What to Expect

If you cannot find your information on the list, please submit a ticket and provide all the required information on the form. 

Select the Submit Request button located on this page to initiate your request. 

Next Steps

Keep track of updates to your ticket and engage with IT technician(s) through the confirmation email notification or the Ticket Requests section.


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