New for May 2024! Add Recovery Email/Mobile Number


This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to add a Recovery Email and/or Mobile Number.


1. Navigate to the Self-Service Portal

2. Enter your User ID - which is your TRACKS username

Click Next

3. Check for a DUO Push to your registered device

4. Enter the 3-digit code on your device, then tap the Verify button

5. Once past the DUO authentication, click in the required Recovery Email field and enter a non-Florida Tech email address

Examples of Florida Tech email addresses are and

Note: If an email address is entered, you will receive a warning error message and be instructed to use an email address that does not belong to the domain

6. Optional: Click in the optional Recovery Mobile field and enter your mobile device number

Note: You can enter just the 10-digit mobile device number, or enter a 1 then the 10-digit mobile device number

7. Click the Submit button to save your updates

8. You will be required to enter a 6-digit code to validate the Recovery Email and/or Recovery Mobile:

a.  An email will be sent to the non-Florida Tech address that was entered in step 5 with the authentication PIN code. Type this code in the Recovery Email field.

b.  An SMS text message will be sent to the mobile number that was entered in step 6 with the authentication PIN code. Type this code in the Recovery Mobile field.

9. Click Validate to complete the process of adding a Recovery Email and/or Mobile Number


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