How do I request a Tracks account for a visitor or guest of the University?

Current university faculty and staff members can request a guest Tracks account for visiting faculty, visiting staff, visiting students, and other guests of the university by filling out the below form. The visitor or guest cannot request their own account. All requests for account creation must be submitted by the sponsoring faculty or staff member.

In order to obtain a guest Tracks account, the Contract Contingent Worker Form must be completed and submitted to the Human Resources Department. Once the form has been processed, Human Resources will assign the guest a 900 number, which is required before a guest Tracks account can be generated.

Guest roles are good for up to one year from the date submitted to Human Resources. If the role needs to remain active, a new form will need to be filled out.

Please note that student, staff and faculty accounts are not created manually through this form. Once Human Resources or admissions has marked a staff or student as such, a Tracks account should be automatically generated.

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