Step 3 - Option 2 - Setting up Scanning (on the Multi-Function Device)

In order to scan and email files using the new copiers, you will first have to register your account with uniFLOW. If you have not completed the initial setup of your uniFLOW account, you can find instructions to do so as follows:

uniFLOW Setup Instructions for Windows computers 

uniFLOW Setup Instructions for Mac computers 


Steps for Setting up the Scan-to-Email Function Upon First Use

1. Tap your Florida Tech ID card on the scanner to the right of the display

2. Click Scan on the printer display

3. Select the service you would like to send the copied document to. If you do not see the option that you would like, use the double-arrow icons to go to switch pages.

4. If you have not registered the chosen service yet, you will be prompted to connect your uniFLOW account to the external service

     An email will be sent to you with instructions on connecting the accounts

5. Check your Florida Tech email account for an email from uniFLOW Online. Click on the link in the email

6. You will be brought to the following page. Check the box to Remember my identity provider choice and then click Continue with Florida Tech Single Sign on

6. You will be brought to a Florida Tech sign-in page. Sign in with your Florida Tech email address and password. You will be brought to the following screen, indicating that your accounts were connected successfully. Note that you will have to repeat this process for each individual service.



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