If I leave Florida Tech, what happens to my Tracks account?

Tracks accounts for students who have left or graduated are restricted to PAWS and Google Apps email only. This occurs after the beginning of the academic term following their graduation date. 

As your Tracks account password expires every 180 days, if you are trying to get access to your Florida Tech email or PAWS but forgot your Tracks password, the first step is usually to reset your password. Visit the Resetting Tracks Password article for further instructions. 

If you do not remember your Tracks username, you will need to recover your Tracks ID. For step-by-step instructions, visit the Recovering Tracks ID article.

Accounts that do not already include an entry year are renamed to include the year they first attended classes.

Accounts of students who have been academically dismissed are disabled immediately.

Students who are not actively taking classes may lose their full account status if they do not request an exemption. Notices of the change in account status are sent to all graduating and inactive students two weeks before the change.

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