What is TRACKS?

TRACKS is Florida Tech's account system that provides a single username and password for access to all university services granted to a user.

If you are having issues logging into your TRACKS account or do not recall your password, please visit the How do I reset my Tracks password article for further instructions. 

Current Students

Current students can use their TRACKS accounts to access many services at Florida Tech. Your TRACKS account and password are used for Florida Tech Google Applications, Florida Tech email (@my.fit.edu), Computer Labs in the Olin Engineering and Olin Life Sciences buildings, the Computer Sciences open lab (EC272), and all desktops using the FLTECH domain to log on to the campus network.

The following table indicates which systems the TRACKS account is used to access and where these systems are located. (As new systems are integrated with TRACKS all the time, this list does not intend to be exhaustive.)

If you are having issues logging into your TRACKS account because you do not remember your password or your TRACKS username please click here and follow the instructions.

Your TRACKS account and password is used for:

  • All university computers joined to the FLTECH domain
  • Instructor workstations
  • Printing, scanning, copying
Services for TRACKS Accounts


On-Campus Only Services for TRACKS Accounts



Door Access https://apps.fit.edu/doors/
Multimedia Classrooms 140PS, 144PS, A110, P133, EC118, EC127, EC128, EC130, EC132, EC137, EC228, EC229, LS129, LS130, S210, S220, S230, S401, S402, S403, S404, Q14, Q16, Q17, Q18, E250, IT Training Room
Computing Labs EC127, EC128, EC130, EC132, EC228, EC229, Q14, IT Training Room
Library Public Computers Evans Library
Applied Computing Center Evans Library (3rd Floor)


Prospective Students

Your TRACKS account and password is used only for the Admitted Student Portal.


Former Students (Alumni and Students who have previously attended Florida Tech)

Your TRACKS account and password is used only for your @my.fit.edu email provided by Google Applications. 


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