Work Space Location Updates


Work Spaces are used to identify employee office locations in Workday. 

It is important to keep these up-to-date, as they are distributed to multiple systems around campus.


To update an employee's office location:

1. Log in to Workday

2. Type Change Work Space in the top search box

3. Enter the Worker name
     a. Users can change their own location
     b. Managers and HR Partners can update locations for their team

4. Click OK

5. Search for the desired Work Space by typing the Building Code (space) Room Code in the required field, and press Enter on your keyboard to search - e.g. 114SHA E208
     a. Full location description will display
     b. Alternatively, select the Work Spaces by Building listing to navigate through the list and select the desired location

6. Enter a comment if desired

7. Click Submit

For additional information, please review the Work Space Location Update Job Aid.


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