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DUO has migrated from their traditional authentication window to what they now call the Universal Prompt.

There are several differences with Universal Prompt:

  • The appearance of the DUO prompt has updated. The screenshot below is from DUO containing examples of the new prompt.
  • Your chosen DUO authentication method, i.e., a push notification, may happen automatically if that is the most secure method available for your account.
    • If you need to use a different DUO authentication method, you may cancel the first choice used and click "Other options" to choose a different method.
    • The method that you use for a specific application will become the default method for your next log in using the same application.












If you have any questions about this change or the options available to you, please submit a request for assistance with DUO Two-Factor Authentication.

Details and information about Duo's new Universal Prompt may be found at https://guide.duo.com/universal-prompt.


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