If you have a multi-function device that requires tap card access

1. Tap your Florida Tech ID card at the machine

2. Press the Scan button, then select Scan to Exchange Online 

3. If desired, update any of the available menu options, such as color, simplex (one-sided) or duplex (two-sided), color density, etc

4. Press the Scan button 

  • A preview image will display

5. Press the Start button

6. In the To box, type the 10-digit fax number followed by @fax.fit.edu, and press OK

3. The transmission will attempt to send to its destination 5 times.  Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation to your email

Note, if you choose this method on a copier that does not have swipe card access, you will not receive a confirmation


If your multi-function device does not have tap card access or you have your document electronically available

1. Open an email from your Florida Tech account, in the "To" type the 10 digit number followed by @fax.fit.edu, attach any pdf document (only), you can add in a message in the body of the email it will serve as a cover page, then hit send.

2. The transmission will attempt to send to its destination 5 times. Afterward, you will receive a confirmation to your email. 


How to fax internationally

1. To fax internationally from your computer, open an email and in the "TO" line type "011countrycodefaxnumber@fax.fit.edu". The 011 is equivalent to the +01 U.S. prefix for all international outbound transmissions.

2. You should receive a TX Report to your email once it has arrived. If you have not received an email within an hour, double-check with the recipient to confirm the fax line is active and open. If you have confirmed that the line is active and open and the fax did not go through, submit a Service Request to troubleshoot. 


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