How do I create a listserv for my class or university group?

To create a list, sign into

If you are using your TRACKS account to log in, click the "TRACKS-CAS" button in the upper-right. This will bring you to the standard CAS page. Enter your TRACKS username and password to proceed back to the ListServer.

If you are using an external email to log in, you will need to enter the email and password you used when registering to the ListServer.

Once done, click Create List.

Next, fill out the following information:

  1. List name: This is the name that users will email to and search for on the ListServer website. Please note that "" is automatically appended to the end of whatever is put into this field.
  2. List type: These are some templates of commonly used list types. Please select the one that closest fits your needs. All options can be changed after the list has been created.
  3. Subject: This is the quick description of the list that users will see on the "List of lists" page as well as the list's home page as well.
  4. Topics: This dropdown of topics is defaulted from the software. If one of them fits your subject you are welcome to choose it, otherwise select "Other".
  5. Description: This is where you can put any relevant information regarding your list or organization that you want users to be able to see.

Once all the required information has been completed, click Submit your creation request at the bottom of the page.

Next, one of the Administrators will either approve the list or reject it.

Common reasons for rejection include:

1. Contains profane language.

2. Similar list already exists

3. Selling non-FIT related materials. (We limit this to fitforum only)

If an Administrator has not reviewed your list within a couple days, you can email letting them know the name of your list.



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