How to use installed software on HPC and Code01 environments


Installed package documentation (manual)

Most software has a man(ual) page associated with it. Type man <package name> at the shell prompt.

Environment Modules

Environment Modules is a software environment management system which allows multiple versions of packages to be available to users. It is used on code01, blueshark, and AI.Panther

Common commands

  • module avail - to list available modules. Modules with (default) will be loaded if a version is not specified.
  • module load <module name> - to load a module.
  • module help <module name> - to view module specific help.
  • module unload <module name> - to unload a module.
  • module list - to list loaded modules.
  • module --help | -H - display module command help.

Additional documentation

For Environment Modules documentation, please visit:



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