New for May 2024! Claim TRACKS Net ID



1.  Navigate to the Claim TRACKS ID page

2.  Click the required ID (90x) field and type in your Student or Employee ID (numbers only), First Name, Last Name, and Authorization Code that should have been received from an Account Claim Email sent to your personal email.

If you did not receive the Account Claim email, contact Technology Support by entering a ticket for assistance.

     Click the I'm not a robot checkbox

3.  Click Submit

4.  Review the Acceptable Use Policy and click Accept to proceed 


Setting up DUO Two-Factor Authentication

1.  Click Next

2.  Click Next and Next through the suggestions

3.  Click Duo Mobile to get started

4.  Enter your phone number and click Continue

5.  Click Yes, it's Correct to proceed, or No, I need to change it to go back to the previous step and re-enter your phone number

6.  Click Send me a passcode

7.  Click the _ _ _ _ _ _ field and enter the passcode, then click Verify

8.  Click Next

9.  Click Continue

10.  Click Skip for Now

11.  Click Log in with Duo

12.  Your User ID is the TRACKS ID used to access services. Please save your TRACKS ID for future use.

13.  Click Next

14.  Click the * Recovery Email field and enter a non-Florida Tech email address. Examples of Florida Tech email addresses are and

Note: If an email address is entered, you will receive a warning error message and be instructed to use an email address that does not belong to the domain

15.  Optional: Enter your mobile number in the Recovery Mobile field to receive SMS text messages. SMS text messages are limited to US only phone numbers.

16.  Click Submit

16.  An email and SMS (if Recovery Mobile was entered) will be sent and provide an authentication PIN code

17.  Enter the authentication PIN code for the method(s) you chose above

18. Click Validate

19. Click Close

20. Click the New Password field and enter a password that follows the mandatory guidelines on the site

21. Click the Re-type Password field and re-enter the password

22. Click the Reset Password button to complete the account claim process




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