Overview of Tickets and Service Level Agreements


Tickets in TeamDynamix are used by IT staff and student technicians to restore service to users who are experiencing an issue (incident management), fulfill service requests, and/or handle problem/change/release management.  Tickets are treated differently than Projects. 

When an incident occurs, the campus community should submit their ticket through the appropriate Service in the Service Catalog.

Each Service in the Service Catalog has been configured with either a ticket intake form, a service request intake form, a link directing to more information, or merely an avenue to provide information - and each Service has been set up with one of these configurations depending on the level of complexity required. 

Additionally, each Service intake form routes directly to the IT group responsible for that service, to avoid manual ticket triaging. 

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) have been configured for tickets. This puts a running clock on the ticket, so technicians have deadlines for responding to the requestor and restoring service.  SLAs help to ensure that service interruption is restored as soon as possible while conveying this information to the requestor.

Note: SLAs follow Florida Tech's operational hours and holidays, and do not count hours outside of these.

Our SLA configuration is as follows:

Name Respond By Resolve By
Incident - Low 9 business hours 63 business hours
Incident - Medium 6 business hours 120 business hours
Incident - High 4 hours 18 hours
Incident - Emergency 1 hour Depending upon complexity of incident
Service Request - Low 27 hours Depending upon complexity of request
Service Request - Medium 18 hours Depending upon complexity of request
Service Request - High 4 hours Depending upon complexity of request



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