How do I check my voicemail from off campus?

Checking Voicemail Remotely

The Jabber Application provides easy access to voicemail and other FL Tech Phone services. Information about the jabber application can be found in the FAQ "How do I use Jabber".


You can also access voicemail using any of the following links:

Server 1:

Server 2:


Login using your TRACKS username and password.


Once logged in, your voicemail will appear as a list: 


Messages can be played via computers speakers or by having the system call a specified phone number. This is set at the bottom right of the screen. By selecting computer or phone. If selecting phone, the phone number needs to be entered in the field to the left of the Phone selection button. The number needs to be in 10 digit format.


After verifying the desired message play option press the play button located at the right of each message entry to listen to the message.


After playing a message it will be flagged as Read. You can choose to re-flag it as a new message or delete the message using the selection buttons which appear under the message entry.


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