How can I view my submitted requests/tickets?

If you would like to view the current progress of your request/ticket or find a previously-submitted request/ticket, you can do so through the Client Portal.

View Progress of Submitted Requests/Tickets

1. Either click on the Services heading in the main menu along the top of any page inside the Client Portal, then click on the Ticket Requests link in the submenu. You can also click on the My Tickets button on the Client Portal home page.

2. On the Ticket Requests page, you can view all the requests you have submitted.  You can sort them by clicking on the various column headings or you can filter the requests by using the categories found in the boxes above the listing.

3. Click on the Title link to view the details.

4. On the next page, you can view all the details about your request, including Incident ID (Ticket Number), current status, date created or modified, description, and more.  


View Previously-Submitted (Closed) Requests/Tickets

1. Follow steps 1-2 above, paying special attention to change the Status Class to Completed

2. The listing of completed requests/tickets will display.



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