Can I add attachments or paste screenshots to a service request or incident ticket?

The short answer is yes!  Attachments or screenshots are a helpful way to illustrate the nature of the request/ticket and help IT staff complete the work.  Most every intake form on the Client Portal has a section for including attachments.

Pasting Images

1. Images can be pasted within the body of the Description box on several ticket types.

Adding Attachments

1. At the bottom of the request/ticket form is the Attachment section. Click on the Browse button.

2. Locate the folder where your file(s) are located.

3. Click on the file(s) you wish to add, then click the Open button.

If you would like to select multiple files at once, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the desired files, then click the Open button.  If you would like to select all files in this location, hold down the Ctrl key and then press the letter A key on your keyboard. Then click on Open button.

Note: If the desired files are in different locations on your computer, you will need to submit the request/ticket first. You cannot switch to another folder when initially submitting the request/ticket, but you can submit more files after submission.

4. When finished adding attachments, click on the Request button.

5. To add additional files, click on the View the request you just created link.

6. Once you have the ticket request open, click on the Add Attachment button.

7. Click on the Browse button, then locate the folder where your file(s) are located.

8. Follow steps 3 and 4 above to complete adding attachments.



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