How do I make an approval decision in the Client Portal?

This article covers the steps necessary to make an approval decision on an IT ticket that you received as an email notification.

Approvals in TeamDynamix Client Portal

1. View or open the email titled TeamDynamix Workflow Step Assignment (Approval for ____).  Review the Request Details section to learn more about the approval needed.

2. Click the hyperlink to make your approval decision, included in the body of the email.

To act on this Approval step, click the link below:
Approval for ___________________________________

Alternately, you may access the approval needed from the My Approvals section of the Client Portal.

3. Log in to the Client Portal using your TRACKS information.

4. Once authenticated, you will be directed to the My Approvals section.  You can view all pending approvals on this page.

5. Find the Ticket ID needing your approval and click on the link found in the Step column.

6. Next, you will be directed to the Workflow Step approvals page.  Click on the green Approve button or the red Reject button to make your decision.

If desired, add any notes (recommended) that the ticket requestor can refer back to for more information.



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