How do I submit a service request or report an issue?

The Service Catalog is where all the requestable services that IT provides to faculty, staff, and students are located.  These can be services such as assistance with getting connected to the wireless network, reporting an issue, downloading software, and more. 

Our new ticketing system routes tickets to the correct IT personnel based on the service that was selected, alleviating time wasted for someone to manually triage every ticket that we receive.  This used to be the case with our old ticketing system!

If you need quicker assistance finding the correct service for your issue, you can always use the search function found on every page at the dropdown menu option for “Service Catalog” will narrow down the search results even further.  You can also ask our AI chatbot, Astra, to help you find the correct service.

How to Use the Service Catalog

1. Access the Service Catalog by either:

  • Clicking on the Services heading in the main menu along the top of any page inside the Client Portal
  • Or by clicking the Report Issue or Request Service button on the Client Portal home page

2. On this page, you will first select whether you are looking for employee-related services or student-related services. Inside each of these top-level categories are sub-level service categories that pertain to each type of audience.  Each sub-level category is categorized by topics of interest.  A short description is also listed.

3. Browse the service catalog listings and click on the desired title to view its contents.  If you don't immediately find the service you are seeking, try using the Search box at the top of any page inside the Client Portal.

4. After you've read through the service description and decided you want to proceed with entering a ticket, click on the Submit Request button.  Depending on the service, this button may display something different such as Report Issue, Submit Ticket, etc.

5. Fill out the requested fields on the ticket intake form, then click on Request to send your request to the appropriate IT department.  This routing happens automatically based on the service you chose.



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